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Department of Linguistics at Beijing Language and Culture University(BLCU) announced its birth on October 29th, 2018. As a new-born independent department directly under the university administration, we would begin our journey with an ambition to create something new in future, under the guidance of the most updated and brand new perspectives in linguistic sciences. In theory, following Professor Noam Chomsky, we believe that human brain has an endowment of language capacity, which is genetically determined and can only be activated in experiences. Our aims are to uncover the truth of faculty of language by investigating aspects of language from different perspectives. As an educational department responsible for both teaching and researching, we are also aimed at providing young scholars with systematic and most updated theories of modern linguistics, as well as the cutting-edge findings and innovations in related interdisciplinary areas related to biolinguistics and brain sciences. Aiming at to build up a “Dream Team of Theoretical Linguistics”, we will always keep our doors open to all the linguists and scientists who share the similar ambitions and interests, and warmly welcome all the potential collaborations, from home and abroad. Please feel free to contact us via the following email address whenever you have a need: