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The First Class: The New Semester of Online Teaching of the Department of Linguistics Has Started

【 Time:2020-02-25 】

AuthorXiaoning Cao

February 24th was the first day of online classes in the BLCU. Facing of the challenges and opportunities brought about by the epidemic to teaching, the Department of Linguistics earnestly implemented the universitys decisions and arrangements and strengthened organizational leadership and service guarantee. At the same time, it gave full play to the characteristics of disciplines and the advantages of major, doing a solid job of online education and teaching.

In order to ensure high-quality teaching and full interaction with students, the Department of Linguistics has set up an online teaching seminar, in which teachers tried out different on-line teaching software before classes start. They communicated and provided feedback in the group, choosing their own teaching methods according to their own curriculum characteristics.

With the continuous efforts of the teachers in our department, the first days teaching went beyond expectations, and the students’ feedback was good. Xiaochen Sun published learning tasks through Xuexitong , sharing video resources, electronic teaching materials, literature and so onShe also arranged quizzes and questions & answers on Wechat group after class, so that she could keep in touch with students and communicate with them about the course at any time. Rui Gong arranged preview task a week before formal class in the Wechat group, and gave on-live lectures via “Tencent Classroom. Students could raise their hands, make phone calls and answer questions during the course. Just as sitting in the classroom, the speech transmission was clear and the teacher-student interaction was heated, which has achieved the expected teaching effect. According to the characteristics of the course, Wenying Wang adopted the way of video sharing, students reading literature, teacher answering questions in her teaching. Students actively discussed with her after reading literature and the course has attained good results.

In addition, Dr. Giuseppe Samo, a foreign teacher in Europe, overcame jet lag to teach a live class at 1 a.m. local time and interacted with students in real time. Students all liked his teaching.


Dr. Giuseppe Samo of the Department of Linguistics is giving an online lecture.

The Department of Linguistics mainly adopted the platform of “Xuexitong”, “Yuketang and Ketangpai etc. to carry out the courses of leading-in, construction and online teaching, and monitored the operation of each online course in real time to ensure that “teachers were really teaching and students were really learning” . On the first day of the semester, the whole teaching system was smooth and orderly, and the feedback from teachers and students was good.