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Yinzhen Shen, the 20th undergraduate of the Department of Linguistics , won the "Best Debater" award in the freshmen debate competition

【 Time:2020-11-28 】

Author: Wen Ren, Undergraduate League Branch of the Department of Linguistics

On November 27, 2020, the final of the first BLCU "Qingyin Cup" debate competition for freshmen was held as scheduled in Yifu lecture hall. Yinzhen Shen's team, "all you say is right", passed all the preliminary contests and was qualified for the final. Xue Meng, instructor of the Department of Linguistics, and all the students came to watch the match on the scene. They also broadcast the match online for the students who did not come to the scene, and cheered for Yinzhen Shen.In order to ensure high-quality teaching and full interaction with students, the Department of Linguistics has set up an online teaching seminar, in which teachers tried out different on-line teaching software before classes start. They communicated and provided feedback in the groupchoosing their own teaching methods according to their own curriculum characteristics.


Yinzhen Shen, the 20th undergraduate of the Department of Linguistics , participated in the debate

The title of the debate is "Whether we will be better if we obey the world".Yinzhen Shen was the third debater for the pro team. The team held the view that we would be better if we obey the rules.


The third debater Yinzhen Shen cross-examined the first, second and fourth debater of the other side.

In the debate competition, Yinzhen Shen did very well. In the third part and the summary of the cross-examination and other sections, she showed calmness and steadiness, careful in thinking, fluent in expression, and the arguments she used were well-founded.

In the end, Yinzhen Shen impressed the audience and judges with her excellent performance and won the award of "Best Debater". At the same time, Yinzhen Shen's team also became the champion team of the "Qingyin Cup" debate competition for freshmen.


Yinzhen Shen won the "Best debater" award

Yinzhen Shen's team won the championship

The "Qingyin Cup" debate competition for freshmen came to a close with great cheers. We are very proud of Yinzhen Shen for her winning the prize and her hard work. It is hoped that the students of the Department of Linguistics will work hard in their future study and life, showing the best performance on more stages.