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Research on Speech Ability and Disorders in Alzheimer's Patients——Professor Hongyan Liu As Guest Speaker of the Lecture Series on Language and Brain Science of the Department of Linguistics

【 Time:2020-12-15 】

Author:Xiaoxia Yao

At 7:30 PM on December 14, 2020, Language and Human Brain Science Lecture Series "Research on Speech Ability and Disorder in Alzheimer's Patients" was held on the Tencent conference platform. The keynote speaker is Professor Hongyan Liu, professor of School of Foreign Languages at Beijing Technology and Business University, and researcher of Artificial Intelligence and Human Languages Lab of Beijing Foreign Studies University. Professor Fuzhen Si, dean of the Department of Linguistics of BLCU, presided over the lecture. In addition to BLCU, students and teachers from more than 30 universities including Shandong University, Sichuan International Studies University and Minzu University of China attended the lecture.

                                                     PPT presentation of the lecture

Professor Hongyan Liu gave her lecture from the perspectives of research background, key points, corpus, corpus annotation and research findings. First, Professor Liu introduced the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, showing variations in the function of specific brain regions such as memory. After that, Professor Liu gave a detailed lecture on the research process, focusing on the discourse ability of patients. She showed the discourse fragments and videos of patients with different degrees of Alzheimer's disease, sharing with the participants the processing methods of the research materials and important research conclusions, such as the types of discourse errors of patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Presentation of the lecture

This lecture is a good demonstration of the application value of linguistics beyond its theoretical value. Professor Liu's "Research on Speech Ability and Disorder in Alzheimer's Patients" is not only of high academic value, but also of high social value, which reflects academic humanistic care. It provides a new insight into the mutual benefit and development of linguistics and other disciplines.


Professor Liu answered questions online


Participants actively asked questions

In the end, Professor Hongyan Liu had an online interaction with the teachers and students who participated in this activity. The lecture was held in a complete success.