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Important Academic Activities

【 Time:2019-03-15 】


International Workshop on Syntactic Cartography, launched by BLCU, is an important academic conference with international influence in the field of Syntactic Cartography. The conference is organized every two years by the Department of Linguistics of BLCU, the Department of Linguistics of the University of Geneva and International Association of Syntactic Cartographic Studies (Macao).

Changing Boundaries, initiated and organized by the Department of Linguistics of BLCU, is the first high-end international seminar in China with the theme of “Building the Department of Linguistics”.

In addition, the “Move and Merge: Linguistics Meetings in BLCU” series of academic lectures, organized by Dr. Giuseppe Samo, is an important academic platform built by the Department of Linguistics with the purpose of gathering international and domestic experts and scholars in formal Linguistics for academic interaction and exchange.




A profile for Department of linguistics series of academic activities.


Signing the Memorandum of understanding with department of linguistics,

University of Vienna (march, 2019)