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The Famous Professor Haitao Liu from Zhejiang University Lectured on the Internationalization of Linguistics

【 Time:2019-11-26 】

On November 25th, 2019, Professor Haitao Liu, Yangtze River scholar of Zhejiang University, also a well-known scholar, delivered a lecture on the internationalization of linguistic research. Starting from the international SSCI and A&HCI papers, Professor Liu demonstrated the overall situation of international linguistic research through a large number of data. He compared the differences between Chinese scholars and scholars from all over the world in publishing high-level papers on international academic platforms, and outlined the scientific path for Chinese linguistics to go to the world. Professor Lius lecture aroused the students confidence in learning and studying linguistics, and helped them establish their lofty ideals, which was of great significance.

As an invited expert of the course of Linguistics Semiotics, the lecture was jointly invited and hosted by the Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Linguistic Sciences, Graduate School and other institutions. Professor Deping Lu, the teacher of the course of “Linguistics Semiotics”, and the students of this course, attended the lecture.