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[Teaching Quality Week] The Department of Linguistics has Launched a Series of “Teaching Quality Week” Activities

【 Time:2019-12-06 】

      During the FirstTeaching Quality Week of BLCU, the Department of Linguistics organized a series of activities, such ascollective lesson preparation, teaching observation, and so on. These activitiesfocused on the theme of improving the quality of classroom teaching. Young teachers were the main participants in these activities.Good results have been achieved.

I. A new experience of interdisciplinary courses ——Collective LessonPreparation Activity ofDepartment of Linguistics

      At 9:00 am on 2th December, thecollective lesson preparation activity of the Department of Linguistics was held in room 329 of Complex Building. The main lecturer of the activity was Dr. Xiaochen Sun, a young teacher. The course content was the“neural basis of language”. Dr.XiaochenSun startedfrom the basic structure of neuroanatomy, combined with a large number of dynamic pictures, 3d popular science video. Sheintroduced thecomplicatedstructure of human brainrelated to linguistics in a simple and easy way, leaving a deep impression on the teachers.

The Slide of the Neural Basis of Language

      Later, the teachers who participated in the collective lesson preparation commented on Dr. Xiaochen Sun’s teaching plan. Theyfully affirmed the rich content and vivid teachingstyle, and discussed more details with each other. Through the collective lesson preparation,teachers in the department obtained a new understanding of the preparation of teaching plans and the implementation of the core curriculum. This activity is of great practical significance for improving teachers’ teaching ability andenhancing the quality of classroom teaching.

The Lecture of Dr. Xiaochen Sun

II. The Teaching Observation Activity of Dr. Wenying Wang

    On the morning of 5th December, with the aim of improving the teaching quality of the Department of Linguistics and creating a good atmosphere for education, the teachers of the Department of Linguistics came to the class of Dr.Wenying Wang,a  first-class young teacher, for observation and study.

    In class of Modern Chinese,Wenying Wang’s patient and rigorous teaching style, neat andt idy blackboard-writing, left a deep impression to all the students and teachers. Meanwhile, Wang is also good at adjusting the atmosphere, adding a lot of lively and interesting elements to the classroom.During the class,she took the example of the southern people who are good atpronouncing theentering tone and the northern people who are unique inspeaking rhotic accent, so that the students can fully explore the areas in which they are good at. It alsoaroused the students’ interest and enthusiasm inmajor learning and enhanced theirself-confidence.

    The activity was successfully ended at 12:00amon December 5th. Through this opportunity, the department of linguistics aims to review the teaching achievements and summarize the experience in a timely manner, so as to lay a good foundation for the further education and teaching work, and strive to build adepartment with rigorous academic discipline and excellent academicatmosphere.

Dr. Wenying Wang, Modern Chinese Class

The students are listening attentively.

II. Conclusion

    The Teaching Quality Week activity has tested and confirmed the young teachers’ scientific research ability and teaching ability. During the activity, the teachers learned from each other, made progress together, and benefited a lot.