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Department of Linguistics Held a Year-end Party of 2019

【 Time:2019-12-23 】

On the evening of December 20th, 2019, at 7: 00 p.m., all teachers and students of the Department of Linguistics held a year-end party in the Comprehensive Building 329. The atmosphere was warm and lively. Tiancheng Cao, an undergraduate, served as the host and expressed her welcome to all the teachers and students present. Then entered the award ceremony session, the teachers in the Department of Linguistics prepared certificates of merit and warm-hearted prizes for the students. It aimed to reward the students efforts in the past semester and encourage the students to make persistent efforts and achieve new successes in the future. Professor Fuzhen Si, Dean of the Department of Linguistics, Teacher Xiaoning Cao and Teacher Xiaochen Sun attended and presented awards to the students.

After the award ceremony, the students and teachers enjoyed delicious food and had a pleasant conversation. Under everyones cheers and expectations, Professor Si, sang a song, bringing an audio-visual feast to the students and teachers present. Later, led by undergraduate student Mengxi Jia, all students entered the singing part. They put down their formality and showed their skills, bringing songs with varied styles to the audience.

At 9 p.m., the party was drawing to a close. Professor Si made a summary and expressed her expectation for the vigorous development of the Department of Linguistics. Then all the teachers and students of the Department of Linguistics took photos together. Although the party was over, the friendship between them will continue. The students will remember the warmth of this moment and study hard to realize their own values in the future.


                                              Prize Presentation


Postgraduate Singing


Group photo of teachers and students in the Department of Linguistics