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The First English Speech Contest for Undergraduate Students of the Department of Linguistics was Held Successfully

【 Time:2019-12-20 】

On December 20th, 2019, at 2:30 pm, the First English Speech Contest for Undergraduate Students of the Department of Linguistics began. The Dean of the department Professor Fuzhen Si, Class Teacher Wenying Wang and Young Teacher Xiaochen Sun served as the judges of the contest. The English speech contest aimed to encourage students to attach importance to English learning and improve their presentation skills.

In this speech contest, students chose relevant topics of linguistics and shared the interesting knowledge they have learned in this semester with the audience. It was the first time for all the students to participate in the competition. Although a little bit nervous, the students were in good performance. They expressed their unique views, showing an excellent ability of expression. In the end, Xinyi Xing got the first place with her fluent oral English, rich content and proper multimedia assistance.

At the end of the competition, Professor Fuzhen Si,dean of department, summarized the activity and affirmed the studentsperformance. She put forward several suggestions that the speaker should not only pay attention to the content of the speech, but also pay attention to the audiences reaction. The audience should also respond positively and exchange ideas with the speaker. The hope was that students can bear the advice and guidance in mind, continue to learn English in-depth, and strive for better performance in the future.

The student was delivering a speech.


The judges graded the performance of the students.


Professor Fuzhen Si made a summary after the contest.