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Work together as partners,with each shouldering its due responsibility——The construction activity of the Department of Linguistics in Olympic Forest Park

【 Time:2020-11-14 】

AuthorXinyu Peng, Undergraduate League Branch of the Department of Linguistics

On the afternoon of November 13th, 19th and 20th undergraduates from the Department of Linguistics, led by counselor Xue Meng, went to the Olympic Forest Park to carry out a group construction activity aimed at enriching university life, focusing on youth development, strengthening team building, and enhancing cohesion between different classes and grades. In the "Work together as partners, with each shouldering its due responsibility" as the theme of the group building activities, students not only appreciate the beauty of the autumn, but also connect feelings, strengthen the team building. In the colorful game session, the students have continuously enhanced the understanding of Olympic culture and Olympic spirit, deepening their collective consciousness and sense of responsibility.


19th, 20th undergraduates in Olympic Forest Park

The students first visited together in the park. In the beautiful scenery of Olympic Forest Park, they relived the Olympic culture which symbolizes unity, peace and friendship, review the Olympic spirit of continuous efforts to surpass ourselves, the pursuit of excellence, struggle, self-confidence and courage. During the viewing, they also used the cameras to record what they saw in the beautiful Olympic Forest Park.characteristics.


Students were visiting the park.


Selected from the students' photographs


After visiting the park, the teachers and students sat together to exchange ideas about college life, explore the understanding of major learning and exchange interesting things in daily life. Then in the cheerful game, they not only have a better understanding of each other, but also a deeper understanding of the importance of unity and collaboration.



Students were playing games.

During the visiting in Olympic forest park, students did not forget to do the garbage sorting. They helped each other and always kept in mind the correct sorting of different types of garbage. Even in areas without garbage can facilities, students also put garbage in the pre-prepared garbage bags. Their behavior fully reflected that students actively practice garbage classification, and strive to become a green lifestyle leader.


Students were doing the garbage sorting.

After the group construction activity, they took the bus to school together and took pictures on campus.



Students took photos at the east gate of the university.

19th and 20th undergraduates the first "Work together as partners, with each shouldering its due responsibility" group construction activities successfully finished. Students in the beautiful autumn has not only physically and mentally relaxed themselves, but also established a profound friendship. In the edification of the Olympic culture, they also relived the Olympic spirit of constantly surpassing ourselves. As the fall of 2020 draws to a close, the family of linguistics departments will go through more seasons, grow together and make progress together.