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The Application of Linguistic Knowledge in Music——Professor Baohong Feng as a guest lecturer on Applied Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics

【 Time:2021-04-09 】

Author: Jinyu Chen

From 7pm to 9pm on April 8, 2021, a series of lectures on Applied Linguistics of the Department of Linguistics had been held in Building Zhunan 201. At the invitation of Professor Fuzhen Si, Dean of the Department of Linguistics, Professor Baohong Feng, gave a lecture on "The Application of Linguistic Knowledge in Music Art". Professor Fuzhen Si hosted the lecture, which attracted the attention and participation of many teachers and students both inside and outside the school.

          The title of this lecture was "Music for Voice Directed by the Words"-On Singing Language and Natural Language, and a wonderful speech was given in the form of concert and lecture. Combining academic lectures on linguistics with music experience, and using the thirteen points and eighteen rhymes in vocal art as a clue, Professor Feng introduced the role of linguistic knowledge in vocal music forms such as opera and folk. He explained the language knowledge by using singing skills and live singing demonstration, interpreting the language knowledge vividly. During the lecture, he gave a lively and interesting allegro performance, and the teachers and students on the spot were all immersed in the professor's wonderful speech.

          At the end of the lecture, many students actively participated in asking questions, and Professor Feng answered patiently. The lecture ended successfully in a lively discussion. This lecture combined linguistics knowledge with music knowledge, which benefited the teachers and students present.

          After the lecture, Professor Feng was hired as the Guest Professor of the Department of Linguistics of Beijing Language and Culture University.