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Professor Deping Lu was invited to attend the National Umberto Eco Academic Symposium

【 Time:2021-04-12 】

AuthorDepartment of Linguistics

On April 9th to 11st, 2021, the National Umberto Eco Academic Symposium was held in Chongqing Sunac International Conference Center. At the invitation of the organizing committee, Professor Deping Lu from the Department of Linguistics at BLCU attended the conference and delivered a report.


The opening ceremony of the National Umberto Eco Academic Symposium

 (first from left: Professor Deping Lu)

During the conference, Professor Deping Lu gave a keynote report entitled "Open Text and the Ability of Text Symbology", which won the recognition of the experts. He discussed the academic issues related to text and semiotics in depth with the scholars on the scene. The conference provided a platform for researchers to communicate, and an opportunity for in-depth cooperation in related research fields and interdisciplinary integration.


Professor Deping Lu is delivering the keynote speech