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Lecture Series on Theoretical Linguistics (IX)

【 Time:2020-10-09 】

Title: Reading Jane Eyre via imperative sentences

Speaker: Associate professor Changsong Wang

Time: 14th October, 2020 19:00-21:00

Location: Tencent Meeting

Meeting ID: 303469668

Meeting Link:

Organizer: The Department of Linguistics of BLCU

Changsong Wang, the Doctor, associate professor and master supervisor. He graduated from BLCU in 2004, majoring in English language and literature. Funded by China Scholarship Council from August 2012 to August 2013, he studied in the Department of Linguistics of Harvard University. His research interest is theoretical linguistics. At present, he is mainly engaged in Syntax-Morphological and Syntax-Prosodic interface. Around 10 core papers have been published in journals (anthology) including Language and Linguistics, Chinese Lexical Semantics, Chinese Teaching in the World, Language Teaching and Linguistics Studies. Tsinghua Journal, Nankai Linguistics, and Studies in Prosodic Grammar. Currently, having accomplished one youth project of Beijing Social Science Fund, He is in charge of one general project of National Social Science Fund, and has participated in several projects of National Social Science Fund and that of the Ministry of Education. He mainly taught Advanced English, English Grammar, Morphology, Chinese Grammar and other undergraduate and master courses, and guided one college students’ municipal entrepreneurial innovation project.


                                       Associate professor Changsong Wang