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Lecture Series on Applied Linguistics (I)

【 Time:2021-03-31 】

Topic: The application of linguistic knowledge in music art

Speaker: Baohong Feng

Time: April 8th, 2021, 19:00-20:30

Location: Zhunan Building 201

Organizer: Department of Linguistics, BLCU

About the speaker:

Baohong Feng is an entrepreneur, tenor, singing linguist and vocal music educator. He is also the guest professor of seven domestic music colleges and vocal music judge of the 8th Asian Music Competition. In recent years, as the only inheritor of "Singing with Characters", he has given vocal music lectures entitled "Singing with Characters" in more than 20 universities across the country, including Taiwan Soochow University, Chinese Culture University, Hong Kong Cultural Centre and other places.

About the lecture:

This lecture combines linguistic academic lectures with musical experience. The speaker uses shisanzhe thirteen rhymesand shibayun (eighteen rhymes) in music art as clue to introduce the role of linguistic knowledge in vocal music forms such as operaChinese folk art forms, etc.


Baohong Feng