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Lecture Series in Applied Linguistics (Ⅱ)

【 Time:2021-04-19 】

Topic:   Literary reading of ancient Chinese poetry and prose

Speaker:  Xiaopeng Yu

Time:   19:00-20:30, April 22, 2021

Location:   Zhunan Building 201

Organizer:   Department of Linguistics, BLCU

About the speaker:

Xiaopeng Yu, born in March 1965 in Beijing, is a Confucian scholar of ritual and musicculture and a reciter. He hosts position as executive member of Beijing Language and Culture Association, specially invited language and culture expert of Beijing Language Commission, member of reciting branch of Society on Modernization of Chinese Language and member of Recitation Research Institute on Beijing Language Association. He also serves as the temple master of ceremonies and the “reading and praying officer” of the Confucian temple in Beijing.

About the lecture:

This lecture focuses on the “Literary reading of ancient poetry and prose”, discussing the pronunciation and meanings of Chinese characters in different styles. At the same time, it introduces the phenomenon of synaeresis and meaning association reflected by the combination of food and tone of words, and shows the role of linguistic knowledge in reciting ancient poetry and prose.

Xiaopeng Yu