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Lecture series on Applied Linguistics (III)

【 Time:2021-06-03 】


Topic: Language Intelligence and Language Resources

Speaker: Linjia Sun

Time: June 4th,2021,19:00-20:30

Location: TenCent meeting (ID:271 621 398)

Conference link:

Organizer: Department of Linguistics ,Beijing Language and Culture University.


About the speaker:

Linjia Sun is a master's tutor in linguistics and applied linguistics. He is currently working at the Institute of Language Resources and the Chinese Language Resources Conservation Research Center of Beijing language and culture university .His research interests include language resource construction and application, language intelligence and technology, etc. He has presided over and completed 4 scientific projects of the National Language Committee, 1 sub-subject of the National Science and Technology Support Plan project, and 3 university-level projects.

He has published eight academic papers on IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, International Conference on Natural Language Processing, International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. He mainly teaches courses such as Basic Application of ArcGIS Language Intelligence Technology and Common Tools, and Language + Artificial Intelligence.


About the lecture:

At present, artificial intelligence is in a period of technological innovation and large-scale application, and human society is stepping into the era of intelligence at an accelerated pace. We need to understand the connotation of artificial intelligence and the characteristics of the era of intelligence more scientifically and deeply. As an advanced stage of the development of artificial intelligence, language intelligence is an important means and a key basis for realizing intelligence, which takes the deep understanding of natural language information as the breakthrough point and aims to imitate human core competence. Language resources play an important role in language intelligence. To construct scientific, domain-based, standardized and knowledge-based language resources has become the common goal of researchers of language intelligence and linguistics.



Linjia Sun