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Professor Endong Xun Visited Lecture Series on Linguistics Frontier of the Department of Linguistics

【 Time:2019-12-16 】

At 2: 30 p.m. on 14th December, the lecture Overview of Theoretical Technology and Application of Computational Linguistics delivered by Professor Entong Xun of BLCU was successfully held in Room 329 of the Complex Building. The content of this lecture revolved around the theme of computers and intelligent languages. It was one of the leading-edge lectures in linguistics organized by the Department of linguistics. Professor Fuzhen Si, Dean of the department, presided over this lecture.


Professor Xun Endong’s Lecture on Overview of Theory, Technology and

Application of Computational Linguistics

        At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Endong Xun first introduced the subject of computational linguistics and explained the concept of it and the status of intelligent language. Then, Professor Xun explained how to construct intelligent language application from three aspects of application, technology and data. He combined practical application scenarios such as machine translation and machine writing, dialogue system, language proficiency test, information mining, etc. with technical and theoretical means. He explained to students that natural language processing is a very important research field with wide application prospects. Finally, Professor Xun, centering on the specific work currently carried out, introduced “syntactic and semantic analysis” and “representation and construction of parataxis graph”, and demonstrated the Chinese Analysis platform.


Professor Endong Xun’s Lecture Site

After the lecture, the students enthusiastically asked questions, and Professor Xun patiently and carefully answered them one by one. Professor Xun’s wonderful lecture received warm applause from the teachers and students present. The atmosphere was friendly and the lecture was successfully concluded. Through this lecture, the students’ interests in computational linguistics has deepened and they have a closer understanding. It was believed that more outstanding talents of BLCU will emerge in this discipline in the future.


Professor Endong Xun’s Lecture Site