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The Scientific Research Report Meeting of Department of Linguistics in the First Semester of the Year 2019 was Successfully Held

【 Time:2019-12-20 】

The scientific research report meeting of the Department of Linguistics of the first semenster of the year 2019 was successfully held at 8:30 a.m. on December 20th, 2019 in the Comprehensive Building 329.The purpose of this conference is to enhance the understanding on scientific research between teachers and students, strengthen communication and cooperation, and promote the development of linguistics. The dean of the department, Professor Fuzhen Si, young teachers Dr. Wenying Wang and Dr. Xiaochen Sun, as well as graduate students from the Department of Linguistics, participated in the activity.

In this report meeting, a total of four graduate students made scientific research reports: Xia Guo, a PhD student, made a report entitled Syntactic and Semantic Analysis of “不是不X”; Jing Ning, a MA student, made a report entitled An introduction of the light verb from the perspective of argument structure -- A case study on double object sentences. Zhuosi Luo, a PhD student from the Department of linguistics of American Georgetown University made two reports respectively entitled Syntactic analysis of ‘Functional Application’: A case study on Teochew ‘A+CL’ structure and When computational science meets theoretical linguistics: A case study on dative alternation in English; Jia Fu, a MA student, made a report entitled “The Brain Basis of Language Processing: three-phase model”. The five reports covered a wide range of topics, including syntactic ontology, neurolinguistics and computational linguistics. During the reports, the audience made comments enthusiastically. The teachers and students present had a heated discussion on the research issues they were interested in.

Finally, Professor Fuzhen Si, dean of the Department of linguistics, made a summary speech. She firstly thanked all the teachers and students for their enthusiastic participation in this report meeting. When it comes to academic research, one must communicate more, seize more opportunities, and ask more questions. Then, professor Si talked about the academic standards in the process of scientific research report. The Department of linguistics attached great importance to the construction of scientific research team, fully respected students research interests, and fully cared about students academic development. In the first semester of the department of linguistics, the launch of the scientific research report meeting has played a positive role in promoting the balanced development of the quantity and quality of the scientific research achievements of the department.

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