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The Reading Method of Ancient Poems——Professor Yu Xiaopeng as a guest lecturer on Applied Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics

【 Time:2021-04-23 】

Author:Ping Wang

From 7 pm to 9 pm on April 22, 2021, the Department of Linguistics Applied Linguistics Lectures was held at Zhunan 201. At the invitation of Professor Fuzhen Si, Dean of the Department of Linguistics, Professor Xiaopeng Yu, who is the scholar of Confucian etiquette and music culture, the reciter, the standing director of Beijing Language and Writing Association, the director of Beijing Linguistic Society Recitation Research Association, and the "Du Zhu Guan" of "Dian Shi Li" in Beijing Confucian Temple, gave a lecture with the theme "the way of reading ancient poems". Professor Si hosted the lecture, which attracted the attention and participation of many teachers and students both inside and outside the school.


At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Yu explained the similarities and differences between text and language and elaborated on the differences between text reading methods and style reading. Then, through the visual description of the sound through simple images, the six basic vowels were re-introduced in a brand-new way. And through the way of reading a series of ancient poems, it shows the different characteristics of different rhymes in terms of ideology, which well illustrates that the vowels of different tongue positions directly affect the sound and emotion of a character. Finally, Professor Yu summed up three clues for the study of ancient poetry reading. This lecture combined theoretical narration and ancient poetry reading, bringing a spiritual and auditory feast to the teachers and students present.


At the end of the lecture, many students actively participated in asking questions. Professor Yu patiently answered and put forward his unique insights on teaching Chinese as a foreign language, that was, Chinese should not only be used as an ideographic tool, but the sound of Chinese characters should show more cultural meaning. The lecture ended successfully in a lively discussion.


After the lecture, Professor Si issued a letter of appointment to Professor Yu, and Professor Yu was formally appointed as the visiting professor of the Department of Linguistics of BLCU.