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The Health Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine——Professor Xinde Shi gave a lecture on Chinese Studies in the Department of Linguistics

【 Time:2021-05-01 】

AuthorYumeng Yan

From 14:00   to 16:00 pm on April 29, 2021, the Department of Linguistics "Doing   Practical Things for the Masses" series of activities and the Chinese   Studies Lecture I have been held at the Adm building 329, Xinde Shi, who is a   researcher of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Chairman of Health   Branch of China Information Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine,   Specially-appointed Expert of Committee of Appropriate Health Technology of   Traditional Chinese Medicine, was invited to give a lecture on "Health   Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine". Professor Zhongru Xiong, deputy   dean of the Department of Linguistics, presided over the lecture, which   attracted the attention and participation of many teachers and students both   inside and outside the school.


At the   beginning of the lecture, Professor Shi introduced the topic of today's   lecture with her own experience, and then introduced the yin and yang, five   elements, qi, blood, body fluid, and viscera meridians that Chinese medicine   pays attention to, giving everyone a new understanding of Chinese medicine.   Then she explained the medicinal properties of the "four properties and   five tastes" that are still inseparable from traditional Chinese   medicine, and finally emphasized several principles of Chinese medicine   diagnosis and treatment: treatment of yin and yang, conditioning of people is   more important than disease, prevention is more important than treatment, and   focusing on the whole body and individual feelings. Combing with the vivid   explanations of examples, Professor Shi let us deeply felt the health wisdom   of Chinese medicine.


At the end of the   lecture, many students actively participated in asking questions and   Professor Shi answered patiently, and the on-site interaction was   enthusiastic. The lecture ended successfully in the heated discussion.


After the   lecture, Professor Xiong issued an appointment letter to Professor Shi, and   she was formally hired as a guest professor of the Department of Linguistics   of BLCU.