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Teacher Xiaoning Cao of Department of Linguistics went to many schools in Jiangsu to give lectures and consultation activities on college admissions

【 Time:2021-05-15 】

Author: Admissions Working Group of Department of Linguistics

From May 11 to May 14, Teacher Xiaoning Cao from Department of Linguistics went to Jiangsu to carry out enrollment promotion. Miss Cao went to the Affiliated High School of Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing No. 1 Middle School, Yangzhou Middle School, Changzhou Middle School, and Wuxi No. 1 Middle School to carry out enrollment promotion, and held specific lectures in various middle schools. At the lectures, Miss Cao introduced BLCU's school history, campus style, discipline advantages, talent training characteristics and other aspects in detail to the Jiangsu students participating in the lectures, which were widely recognized and praised by the participating students. In addition, on behalf of BLCU, Miss Cao signed high-quality student source base school agreements with the above-mentioned middle schools, which enhanced the friendly exchanges and contacts between BLCU and middle schools in Jiangsu.

Department of Linguistics of BLCU has an integrated linguistics talent training system that integrates undergraduate, master, and Ph.D. It also has professional, younger, and international faculty with unique talent training methods, and has close cooperation and exchanges with the international linguistics community. Candidates are welcome to apply for the linguistics major of Department of Linguistics of BLCU!


On behalf of BLCU, Miss Cao signed a high-quality student base agreement with Wuxi No. 1 Middle School


Miss Cao gave a lecture at Nanjing No. 1 Middle School

Miss Cao gave a lecture at Yangzhou Middle School