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Professor Wenbin Wang As Guest Speaker of the Lecture Series on Theoretical Linguistics of the Department of Linguistics

【 Time:2021-05-20 】

AuthorJinyu Chen

From 4 pm to 5pm on May 19, 2021, the lecture on theoretical linguistics of the Department of Linguistics has been held at the Adm Building 329. At the invitation of the Department of Linguistics of BLCU,  Professor Wenbin Wang from Beijing Foreign Studies University gave a lecture on the theme of"English and Chinese Contrastive Need to Pay Attention to Differences". Prof. Wenbin Wang, who hold positions as Director of National Research Center for Foreign Language Education of BFSUVice-Director of ELT Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, President of China Association for Comparative Studies of English and Chinese, gave a lecture on the theme of “The contrast between English and Chinese needs to pay attention to the study of differences” . Prof. Fuzhen Si presided over the lecture.



The topic of this lecture is " The contrast between English and Chinese needs to pay attention to the study of differences ". There exist similarities as well as differences between among languages is the essence of human language. However, when studying languages, the differences among them cannot be ignored because of their similarities. Prof. Wang believes that the study of the differences between Chinese and English needs to start from their structure, observing the different ways of expression in English and Chinese and finding out their respective linguistic features. We need to explore the discrepancy between English and Chinese thinking behind their corresponding structural images and we cannot confuse structure with semantics.


At the end of the lecture, Prof. Wang had a discussion with the teachers and students who took part in this activity. Many students actively participated in asking questions, and Professor Wang answered patiently. The lecture ended successfully in a lively discussion. This lecture compared and analyzed the differences between English and Chinese deeply. Many students have benefited a lot.