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Department of Linguistics successfully held a military training mobilization meeting in 2021

【 Time:2021-07-10 】

Author: Xiaotong Liu,Undergraduate League Branch of the Department of Linguistics

At 2:15 pm on July 9th, 2021, the Department of Linguistics held a military training mobilization meeting in Zhunan Building 201. The participants included teachers and undergraduates of the Department of Linguistics. This mobilization meeting was mainly divided into three sessions. The first session was a meeting with the instructors and comrades of the company. In the second session, Xue Meng, the counselor of the Department of Linguistics and the deputy instructor of the Fourth Military Training Company, introduced the military training instructions to students. The third session was the mobilization of military training for all undergraduates by teachers of the Department.

The first session was held at Zhubei Building 158. The Fourth Company instructor Di Ma and deputy instructor Xue Meng delivered speeches respectively. The two teachers also expressed the hope that the four companies will be united and twisted into one rope. They also hoped that all the students can demand themselves according to the standards of soldier and abide by the military discipline. They also hoped that all the students can gain good friendship and cultivate firm will through military training.

The second part of the meeting was to introduce the military training precautions by instructor Xue Meng. She briefed students on the upcoming military training life from two aspects: military training schedule and daily route. Then Ms. Meng introduced the military training disciplinary regulations and the handling of rule violations, emphasizing the strictness of military discipline. In addition, Ms. Meng also introduced military training subjects and colorful arrangements, which increased the students' expectations. In the end, she expressed her earnest hope to all the students, in that everyone can carry forward the spirit of not being afraid of hardship, and cherish this military training opportunity.

The third session of the meeting was the mobilization of military training by teachers, which fully demonstrated the support from the Department of Linguistics. Prof. Fuzhen Si, Secretary of the Party Branch as well as Dean of the Department of Linguistics, hoped that all students can enhance their awareness of defending their homes, have understandings of themselves, and strictly observe discipline. In addition, Prof. Si emphasized that military training is a good way to steel one’s personal will. She hoped that they can cherish this opportunity to participate in it and reflect the strict discipline and perseverance of the Linguistic Dream Team.

Prof. Zhongru Xiong, Deputy Dean of the Department of Linguistics, hoped that all students will attach great importance to this military training and complete the military training with full enthusiasm and tenacious perseverance. At the same time, he hoped that everyone can pay attention to safety, and report to the instructor in time when they feel unwell.

Dr. Xiaochen Sun, the head teacher of Grade 20th, once again emphasized the disciplinary requirements during military training to all undergraduates, and hoped that they can learn how to balance their work and spare time during this training, and use it as a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas with students from other departments and classes.

The military training is coming soon. The 19th and 20th undergraduates of the Department of Linguistics were all ready. They vowed to use military training as a test stone to steel their will. It is firmly believe that this military training will be a complete success, and all the students will return with great rewards!