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Final Meeting of the Department of Linguistics for the Second Semester of the 2020-2021 Academic Year

【 Time:2021-07-13 】

AuthorZhixuan Zeng

On Friday, July 9, 2021, the final meeting of the Department of Linguistics for the   second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year was held in Room 201, Zhunan Building. All the teachers and students of the Department of Linguistics gathered together to participate with full enthusiasm. Prof. Fuzhen Si, Dean of the Department of Linguistics, Deputy Dean Prof. Zhongru Xiong, teacher representatives Prof. Deping Lu, Dr. Xiaochen Sun, Dr. Wenying Wang, and Xiaoning Cao of the Educational Affair Office, Xue Meng of the Student Work Office attended the meeting.

At 3:15 p.m., the final conference officially began. The conference summarized the main work of the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year by narrating the scientific research experiences and the feelings of the outstanding student representatives who participated in major activities.

The conference began with the counselor, Ms. Xue Meng, reminding all students of the matters to pay attention for during the summer vacation. It is hoped that students can keep personal safety issues in mind.


Subsequently, Yu Liang, an undergraduate of Grade 20, shared her research experience as the   representative of outstanding students. The time when she first did systematic academic research was during the last winter vacation. And she later participated in writing the bidding document of National Social Science Fund, applied for big innovation projects, published articles of Social Science Daily, and participated in the opening report of Beijing Social Science Fund. These valuable experiences have helped her greatly improve her academic ability. At last, she sincerely thanked her tutor Deping Lu for his patient guidance, and hoped to exchange ideas and discuss problems with her senior classmates.

Liang Yu, a 20th-grade undergraduate, shared her research experience

After Yu Liang’s sharing, Prof. Deping Lu, as a teacher representative, shared his experience of academic research to the teachers and students, and encouraged more students to participate in academic research. He told the students that academic research is a road with zero economic cost and strong self-control. It is also a long-lasting and great enterprise. Although it is exhausting, it is of inestimable value to the development of country and individual’s future. He hoped that all of the students, as a young generation, would have the ambition and determination to reach the forefront of the academic field, continue to work hard, and eventually succeed.

Prof.Deping Lu, representative of outstanding tutors, shared his academic research experience

Next, the outstanding student representatives who took part in the centennial celebration of the founding of the CPC shared their insights. Undergraduate students, Shanjie Yuan, Wen Ren, Da Zhang, Xinyi Xing, Tiancheng Cao respectively told their experience of participating in the activities of the celebration, describing he warm atmosphere and the excited mood by themselves. (

Outstanding student representatives who participated in the centennial celebration of the founding of the Communist Party of China shared their experiences

At the end of the sharing, guided by the five students, all the teachers and students stood up and sang "Sing a folk song to CPC" and "Unity is strength" with high respect and full enthusiasm, singing out their love or the Party and their confidence and pride for the strong and prosperous motherland.

Teachers and students of the Department of Linguistics sang "Sing a Folk Song to CPC" and "Unity is Strength"

At the end of the conference, all the teachers from the Department of Linguistics expressed their love and care for the students. Prof. Fuzhen Si, dean of the department, gave a speech at the beginning. She acknowledged the efforts of all the teachers and students in the past semester and encouraged them to make full use of the holiday.

Prof.   Fuzhen Si, Dean of Department of Linguistics, sent a message to all the students

Wenying Wang, head teacher of the 2019 grade, encourages students to put thoughts into practice and not just stay in fantasy. She encouraged students to maintain a serious attitude towards academics in scientific research.

Wenying Wang, the head teacher of 2019 grade, sent a message to all the students of the department

Xiaochen Sun, the head   teacher of 2020 grade, encouraged the students to explore the knowledge they are interested in at their spare time, try to learn practical skills such as programming, and develop a healthy body. Cao Xiaoning, a teacher from the Department of Education Affairs Office, suggested that students review and summarize their past semester and make plans for the next.

Xiaochen Sun, head teacher of grade 2020, sent a message to all the students of the department

Zhongru Xiong, the deputy dean of the department, hoped that students will pay attention to safety, plan their own lives and put their ideas into practice.

Zhongru Xiong, the deputy dean of the department, sent a message to all the students of the department

In a happy atmosphere, the final summary meeting came to a successful end. The students and teachers reviewed the past, looked forward to the future, and made detailed plans and arrangements for the upcoming summer vacation. We believe all the students will have a fruitful and meaningful summer vacation and make great achievements in the coming new semester!