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The 2021 Orientation of the Department of Linguistics Successfully Completed

【 Time:2021-09-15 】


On the morning of September 11th and 12th, 2021, the work of undergraduates and on-site orientation of the Language Department of Beijing Language and Culture University was officially launched. The freshman registration site is located in the Yifu Gymnasium, and the on-site work is in full swing, and they are all recruiters.

At nine o'clock in the morning, the 21st grade freshmen came to report to the Yifu Gymnasium one after another. The entire registration process was orderly, and the on-site welcome staff had a clear division of labor. While completing various tasks, they also recorded the shy smiles of the students with the camera.

Professor Zhongru Xiong, the deputy director of the Department of Linguistics, also came to the scene during his busy schedule to visit the freshmen, he talked with the freshmen, and expressed concern about the on-site orientation work.

The registration process is divided into three steps: identity verification, material collection and material collection. The students successfully completed the entire registration process with the help of the on-site welcome staff.

The students of the Party Pioneer Post of the Department of Linguistics enthusiastically greeted the younger students at the school gate. Students worked hard to help the freshmen carry their luggage, lead the way, answer questions, and verify the identity of new students who could not swipe their faces to enter the school.

On the afternoon of the 11th, Mr. Zhongru Xiong, the deputy dean of the department, went to the student dormitory to comfort the freshmen and learn about their situation. Teacher Zhongru Xiong had a cordial conversation with the students,  hoping that the students could adapt to the new life in the university as soon as possible and study hard.

On the afternoon of September 12th, all undergraduates and graduate students successfully completed the registration, and there came the successful conclusion of the registration hope that the new students of the 21st grade will work hard in the "Dream Team" of the Department of  Linguistics, grasp the opportunity and pursue their dreams with courage and  determination!