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The Department of Linguistics held the " Encounter with you and go on a new journey together" 2021 freshmen meeting and the first semester opening meeting of 2021-2022

【 Time:2021-09-26 】

AuthorXiaotong Liu

On the morning of September 17, 2021, the Department of Linguistics held a freshman   meeting and the first semester opening meeting of the 2021-2022 semester with the theme  “Encounter with you and go on a new journey together ”  in the Main South Building 102. Participating in this conference are Professor Fuzhen Si, the Dean of the Department, Professor Zhongru Xiong, Professor Deping Lu, Deputy Directors, Xiaochen Sun, Wenying Wang, Yuyin He,   Ye Feng, Xiaoning Cao, and Counselor Xue Meng, as well as the Department of  Linguistics 21 Undergraduate and postgraduate freshmen, all students of the 19th and 20th grades of the Department of Linguistics as well as the new undergraduate and graduate students of the 21st grade and all students of the 19th and 20th grades of the Department of Linguistics.


The conference was divided into four sessions, which were self-introduction of  new students, message from new incoming teachers, student sharing, and message from teachers.

1. self-introduction of new students.

In the 2021 freshman introduction session, the 21st grade undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctoral students introduced themselves. Some of the new classmates are cheerful and outgoing, and some are shy and cute. Their joining has injected fresh blood into the Department of Linguistics and strengthened the family of the Department of Linguistics. Among them, the Department of Linguistics also welcomed the first batch of graduate students majoring in linguistics and human brain science.











Freshmen's self-introduction


2. new teacher's words.

In addition to the joining of new students, the Department of Linguistics also welcomed   two new teachers. In the words from the newly recruited teacher, Ye Feng shared two points of her life insights: one is not to give up hard work at all times; the other is to hope that students can fully understand themselves. After expressing the joy of joining Beijing Language and Culture University, Mr. Yuyin He also proposed to the students “abandon the obsession with standard answers in study and life”.


21st class teacher Ye Feng


Teacher Yuyin He

3. student’s sharing.

 The third session of the conference is student sharing. This time there are military training sharing by 2020 undergraduate Jingjing Lv, 2020 undergraduate Liang Zuming’s social practice sharing, and 2019 undergraduate Siyu Liu’s sharing on College Students' Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Plan Program. As a military training model, Lv Jingjing shared her pains and   pleasures in military training. Although military training had difficulties, it brought more gains. Zuming Liang went to poor areas during military training with the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office to observe the local education situation and shared what he saw, heard, and thought at the conference. Siyu Liu shared experience of participating in College Students'   Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Plan Program and encouraged students to actively participate in scientific research activities.


military training sharing by 2020 undergraduate Jingjing Lv


2020 undergraduate Liang Zuming’s social practice sharing


2019 undergraduate Siyu Liu’s sharing on College Students' Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Plan Program

4. message from teachers

The last part of this conference message from teachers.

Professor Deping Lu emphasized the important role of academic research in tempering scientific thinking ability.


Professor Deping Lu's words to all students

Professor Zhongru Xiong, the deputy dean of the department, put forward three suggestions to the students: live a healthy university life; live a fulfilling university life; live a purposeful university life. As a young man in the new era, we should set the big goal of studying for the human society and the country.


Professor Zhongru Xiong's words to all students

The last person who brought the words was Professor Fuzhen Si, the dean of the Department. Teacher Si expressed her welcome to the new students and teachers and introduced the faculty of the Department of Linguistics. In addition, Mrs. Si also expressed her recognition of the achievements of the Department of Linguistics in the College Students' Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Plan Program, and also expressed her expectations for new students.


Professor Fuzhen Si's words   to all students

In the words of the teachers, the 2021 freshmen meeting of the Department of Linguistics and the opening meeting of the first semester of 2021-2022 came to a successful conclusion.