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Good news: Professor Zhongru Xiong's project in the Department of Linguistics winning the bid in the annual project review of the NSSFC in 2021

【 Time:2021-09-29 】

Recently, the evaluation results of the annual project of National Social Science Foundation of China for the year 2021 were announced, and Professor Zhongru Xiong's project "Study of the Generative Grammar of Chinese-English Noun and Verb Interchange" won the bid and was awarded.

"Study of the Generative Grammar of Chinese-English Noun-Verb Interchange" Project Introduction

Nouns and verbs are two basic lexical classes in grammar, which have a series of oppositions in their grammatical functions, but they can be transformed into each other. The lexical inter-transformation between nouns and verbs involves questions about the nature of lexical classes and the use of specific words, as well as other theoretical issues such as centripetal structure theory (extended statutes) and Chomsky's tagging algorithm. This project will describe in detail the phenomenon of noun-verb transfer in Chinese and English, explore their grammatical behavior, semantic expressions and transfer mechanisms, and on this basis, explore the nature of word classes.